Corporate and Events

Have you got a special event coming up that you would like to make even better with a customised commission or perhaps you’d like to create some products with your logo and branding on?

Elevate your day and showcase your brand with an edible treat

Project Cakery offers a range of custom products that would be brilliant for any event to wow all your guests.

Corporate cupcakes - IM Group

Turning your branding into an edible treat

Project Cakery can print any image using an edible printer, this means the options are endless in terms of design. Whether that’s your logo or a custom message to thank your clients, we can discuss the endless possibilities and add them to a delicious treat.

Covering everyone

With no maximum order or restriction on dietary requirements, we can cater to everyone’s needs through your custom order. Project Cakery covers gluten free, vegan, dairy free, nut free etc and will always endeavour to make sure everyone feels included.

Ewe Move Corporate cupcakes

Cakes pricing guide

Please note these are guide prices but they can vary according to the size of your cake and the added designs. If you wish to have a cake that is larger than the sizes listed below or does not fit the ‘traditional’ cake shape and size, we can arrange a customised pricing system.

Single tier
Two tiers
Three tiers
4” cakes – £60 4” and 6” – £155 4”, 6” and 8”- £265
6” cakes – £85 6” and 8” – £210 6”, 8” and 10” – £330
8” cakes – £105
10” cakes- £125

Letter and Number cakes:

£70 per letter or number (base price) for

A good estimate for pricing is £3-4 per serving depending on decoration for large celebration cakes.


£3 each, with a minimum of 12

Sugar cookies:

£2.50 each, with a minimum of 15

Edible image transfers:

40p each, a minimum of 15 can be added to your order and placed on top of cupcakes or sugar cookies.

Want to know more?

You can request a brochure, make an enquiry or ask for a quote by emailing today.